Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Watch III

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Watch where I do the shopping FOR you and show you great deals from all over the internets.
(Starting top L, moving clockwise)

This color is so great for fall. Need I remind you- Free shipping? BUY NOW!
Here’s another one of those “pencil case” clutches from Target. I love the fun retro print and the bright color is a head turner.
I love a skinny accessory belt! These also come in “Lemonbar” (includes yellow and mint green) and “Saucy Red” (includes red and black).
What a beautiful piece! It’s on sale so this piece and price might not last for long! Also comes in Mustard and Teal (both of which are slightly pricier)

I’ve been stalking this blazer for months. Perfect with the sleeve cuffed (showing off the awesome striped lining!) and some layered bracelets.
2. H&M Floral Cropped Pant $35 (these also come in leggings, which are only $10!)
These abstract floral slim leg crop pants are absolutely beautiful. The colors are fall appropriate. I will definitely be visiting H&M to see these in person!
Shorts for winter? Yes. A trend I love- I’m so glad to see it back again this year. Pair with opaque tights and some boots and you’re good to go!
Loving stripes for fall- throw in a ruffle and I am sold! I’ll be checking these out in-store soon!

There you have it! Find anything great that I missed? Tell me about it! Comment or email be at or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours,

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