Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Shopping Haul: Old Navy

A while ago, I got some Old Navy “cash” and had to wait until it was good to use. I’ve been stalking the Old Navy website to figure out how I can best spend $50 and then get the $20 off. Here are some of the options I was looking at. I tried on (or visually examined) all these pieces and more.

The first item I tried on were these blouses. I was so excited for this item. So many expensive retails are putting out similar blouses and so I’m hunting for my bargain version. Unfortunately, the fit was BAD. I tried a variety of sizes and nothing worked. While they looked fine, they totally restricted my arm movement. Also, I under anticipated how ridiculous the large breast pockets would look. This was a pass- I am still hunting.
The second item were these corduroy skirts. I didn’t even bother picking one up to try on. They were not an item I was dying for and they just looked so cheap in person. Another pass.
The third item, more skirts, were these striped pencil skirts. A little too tight for me. Pass.
Next, the dresses- I was so excited to see these striped bracelet sleeve shifts with color block top on the web site. 

Prior to the release of these dresses, ON had posted these full sleeve dresses in four color combinations. 

Now, here is where I get confused. The full sleeve dress have better construction, thicker material and slightly more conservative hem lines and retail for $19.95. The bracelet sleeved dresses are thinner material, shorter hems, shoddier construction and are $24.95. My biggest question is why were they released in that order? The dress with the thinner material, and shorter hem and sleeve should have been released in SUMMER. But WHATEVER Old Navy, I liked your cheaper dress better and saved $5. In fact, I bought two. The navy dress with red stripes and the black dress with white stripes. Can’t wait to try it belted, with boots, with leggings, a cardigan, etc. (Hurry up fall).
Finally, I bought a 2nd light weight polka dot sweater. I already own the green one and I love it so much (and fear them selling out before hitting sale) that I got it in the white with black polka dots.
My total for 3 pieces (2 dresses and the polka dot sweater) was $64 but with my ON cash, I paid $44!
I'm fairly pleased. Still have my $5 off of $25 from their FB page, so I'm not sure what to get with that (if anything).
Tell me readers, Where do you like to shop? Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours, 

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