Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Open (Love) Letter to JEWELIQ


            Hello and thank you for coming into my life. I’ve been stalking looking at your webpage for a while now, so I’m not entirely sure how it began. The most probable explanation is that I found your lovely business while reading one of the countless fashion blogs I read on a daily basis. Whoever that was, I offer you a cosmic thanks.
            You see readers (and JEWELIQ), I am not a “jewelry person.” I fear expensive jewelry. I don’t want to lose it or break it, or worst of all, tire of an expensive piece and feel guilty for not wearing it more often. The pieces I DO have are mostly costume jewelry- inexpensive pieces that make a big statement. So, when I came across this website, my jewelry concerns dissipated- I mean, all pieces under $25 with free shipping? And then I saw it. The bubble necklace. Sure, a lot of people are making similar versions, but not for a better price (Did I mention FREE shipping? Yes. Free.)
            With my birthday approaching, I quickly put the Crème Brulee Bauble Necklace and the Tortoise Link Necklace on my wish list. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t see the Baubles on the website (I think they were on page 2) and ordered something else, which I then had to return. Returning something is always a headache, but not this time, readers. I emailed Anna over at JEWELIQ and the exchange went effortlessly. I also got these beautiful ladybug earrings as part of a special promotion they were running to say “Thanks” to their customers. HOW LOVELY! They are a little heavy, but I wear them with those larger supportive backs and they’re great. 

            JEWELIQ, you just keep coming out with these beautiful pieces. Most recently, the Bauble Necklace in Bordeaux. Swoon. Also on the list: The Sailor necklaces and the Chocolate Disco bracelet- I’m sure by next week, the list will grow…) Also, recently I saw a fan on Twitter ask about rings, and you said, they will be added eventually. I, for one, am very excited. Please, keep up the excellent work!
            Readers, PLEASE check out JEWELIQ. All styles are represented. FREE SHIPPING. Do it. Also, they write you notes and ship everything in these velvet-y bags. I am obviously hoarding them all and plan to use them when I travel. 

I will continue to check your site weekly (if not more often) and pin all my favorite to Pinterest. Thank you for helping me become a jewelry lover! You did it! I’m a convert.

Thriftfully Yours,

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