Friday, September 14, 2012

Jump Back

Periwinkle top- Banana Republic (via Junior League) ~$ .10
Navy and white pin stripe shorts- Gap ~$20
Gold strand necklaces- Consignment ~$6 (for 2)
White and leather belt- Vintage (from mom)
Black gladiator sandals- Ruff Hewn ~$13 (on sale)
TOTAL COST: $39.10

            It’s September. That means that warm or even hot days should be appreciated. I always have to remind myself not to rush into my fall wardrobe too soon because by November, I’ll be a little tired of it. Today was hot, so I jumped back into shorts and a tank. This top was purchased at my Dollar Dash jaunt at the local Junior League- Banana Republic? for around TEN CENTS? Yeah, I was pleased. It’s a great color that refused to photograph accurately, so I apologize. I always struggle to style these shorts (they are a very thin navy and white pin stripe), so I end up ignoring them most of the summer. They’re great quality- produced by Gap, so I know they’ll last me. I normally don’t to blues with blacks, but I love these sandals so much I’m wearing them as much as possible. In the fall, I try to stay away from sandals because my toes get cold easily (and I miss my UGG boots).
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Thriftfully Yours,

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