Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Watch II

Welcome to the second installment of Weekend Watch! Enjoy-

Forever 21 Necklace ($8)
LOVE this necklace & what a great piece for the price! That pave detail link is such an excellent touch. I haven’t checked my local store yet, but I know that in store selection at Forever 21 jewelry is generally much greater online than it is in the store. I have a necklace VERY similar to this already, but it was thrifted, so here is a great dupe if you liked mine!
I DID try these on at my last trip to target and I can tell you, I am seriously considering purchasing. They are comfortable and fashionable. I may use these as replacements for my truly beat-up moccasins- I’ll be thinking about them, maybe I’ll visit them again…
This online store sells some really beautiful jewelry for reasonable prices. These are so preppy and nautical- I LOVE them. I wish I knew how large they were… They also come with anchors
I purchased this bag during a special Target was running- buy one Merona purse, get one 50% off. Well, I had been spying on this one for a while and easily found a second so I could get the deal. It has little metal feet, which I love and the color is perfect for fall. I wish the material was a little more rigid and stood tall when empty but it doesn’t totally fall flat either. 

Oh Joe Fresh- Why do you not yet have online shopping? If you haven’t heard of this brand yet, go to their website RIGHT AWAY! They have great pieces at really affordable prices. Sadly, they don’t yet have many stores in the US (but they do have some in NY and Canada), however, this summer they signed a deal with JC Penny to sell their clothing in Penny’s starting next year. I picked this sweater because I love the print and it comes in 6 colors.
I cannot wait to see this cardigan in person. It’s buttonless, so it looks quite a bit more like a collarless blazer than a cardigan, but it’s knit material. It’s preppy and timeless. I may need to order this online just to ensure I get to check it out.
This color block dress is like an LBD with a twist. I LOVE Kelly green, so naturally I’m excited to see that color featured here. I’m not sure what the fabric feels like, and that’s a huge part of my decision to purchase (alone with fit and price of course).
I look over Target’s website on the regular and never saw these. On a recent store visit, I spotted them and only then was able to find them on the website. It comes in another stripped color and a few solids, but these two are the best, most chic options. I think they’re quite J Crew-esque and you’ll never see this price at THAT store.
 So readers, see something great this week that I missed? Tell me about it! Comment or email me at or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
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