Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Watch: VI

            My weekly perusal of retail websites yielded an overwhelming number of desired pieces from one brand: Old Navy. Compared to what I normally find, I am excited. It definitely seems like ON is stepping up their game! Here are my top picks from their new arrivals.

1. The Critter Sweater $29.94

Critter Sweaters from Old Navy

This item should have been featured on Weekend Wishes. I’ve seen bloggers rocking critter sweaters from brands like J Crew (French Hen), Madewell (Sheep), and the Gap (Owl) and knew that as this trend grew, it would become available at all price points. Old Navy is offering Critter Sweaters in three prints: Owl, Fox and Sheep.

2. The Polka Dot Sweater $24.94
Polka Dot Sweaters from Old Navy

Polka dots are not hot news but they are still trending! Old Navy released three light weight, ¾ sleeved polka dot sweaters in September and now, a full sleeve sweater is available as the temps get colder.

3. The Striped Boatneck $12.50
Striped Boatneck Tops from Old Navy

A classic and chic item. This top comes in multiple colors and can be worn dressed up or down.

4. The Sequin Baseball Top $24.94
Sequin Baseball Top from Old Navy

A perfect “day-to-night” piece. I especially love the midnight blue one. I would feel great tucking this into a pencil skirt or paring it with jeans- great flexibility.

5. The Printed Sweater $32.94
Printed Sweaters from Old Navy

It’s no secret- I’m a sucker for a print, so it’s no surprise I selected these three options.

6. The Skinny Pant $34.50
The Skinny Pant by Old Navy

I had the Skinny Trouser on my Wish List a week ago and I’m so glad to see Old Navy following in Big Brother Gap’s footsteps in offering this silhouette. I’m pretty excited to try these on in basic black. 

Tell me readers, Would you snag any of these Old Navy items? Comment, email me, ( or tweet me (BsGoodwillHunt)
Thriftfully Yours, 

PS- I have NOT had the opportunity to check the quality or feel of these items in person as my store has not stocked these items by the time of my visit. If you have any feedback on these pieces, please let me know. Thanks :)

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